Thumbs up, not to worry, Merle is on the Job and she is here to make sure you are safe from Sugar Ants and other household invaders.

Ants have been gathering food throughout last spring and into fall. This store of food provides the colony with ample nourishment through the cold wintery months. Now that winter is almost over, and as we get closer to spring, these reserves are dwindling fast.

A new batch of workers are about to hatch, and they will be hungry. The colony needs additional food to feed them, and the need is growing urgent.

As spring approaches, they are going to make their move by sending out a multitude of scouting parties. It will be their job to locate new sources of food to feed the young brood of workers. Ants are experts at survival and do this one job of scouting very well. They are equipped with receptors in their antennae that allow them to locate a food source from great distances.

There they are! The scouts have just spotted your freshly baked batch of delicious cupcakes that you placed on your kitchen table to cool.

They are moving ever closer to your table, they are determined to carry them off, all of them, to feed their young brood.

There is no hiding the cupcakes. They know they are there. An instinct for survival now kicks in, in almost the blink of an eye, one or two scout ants suddenly becomes thousands….they will find your specialty desserts and start the food gathering frenzy. They will also invite all their friends and family to join in as well. What they do not eat they will contaminate because they just came from your bathroom floor.

Oh NO, what is this? Merle has set up an “OH NO ZONE” (previous post explains this zone). The onslaught of ants comes to an abrupt halt. The zone stopped them dead in their tracks; stone dead in their tracks. Merle has done her usual excellent job of protecting you and your wonderful cupcakes.

Quickly now they are backing off and heading for an easier target. They have discovered your neighbor has just made a batch of the most wonderful cookies, and another scouting party has picked up the sweet aroma. The scouts now have the cookies in sight. As quickly as possible, they are passing this information along to the rest of the brood by using pheromones. Unfortunately, the ants have discovered that your neighbor is not a customer of Merle’s Pest Control. You can almost hear their shouts of joy and excitement at the discovery of the unprotected cookies.

What is that I hear? The neighbor just screamed, “Ants! The ants have found my cookies…” It is regrettable she did not call Merle for a pre-spring treatment. If she had, she would not have lost all her cookies!

As for you; you and your cupcakes are safe, Merle has perfectly protected your home from the threat of a massive ant attack.

Merle’s Pest Control made sure your home, your family and your pets are safe from more than 92 different household pests. They are able to accomplish this by using the latest equipment, materials, and technology. The treatment provided is extremely effective and safe. You can even remain in your home, if you choose, during the treatment. They will never put you or your family at risk. They only use materials in your home, which are safe, and EPA rated for homes and hospitals. It is always safety first; this is Merle’s unwavering promise.

If you are concerned about pests invading your home or have an ongoing problem, give Merle a call today for a free estimate or advice. In Eugene and surrounding areas call: 541-915-7581 or in Salem and surrounding areas call: 503-984-4850. Merle has the perfect plan and solution to safely protect you, your family, your pets, our environment and of course, your cupcakes!

When Merle comes to your home with advanced skills and technology and solves your pest problem and saves your cupcakes, do not forget, Merle loves cupcakes too.