We all enjoy the warm days of summer. It is so refreshing to be out in the sunshine with the family gathering for a barbecue, it makes for a memorable and a very special occasion. That is until unwanted and unwelcome guest show up and it’s not your relatives but relentless pests! Their intent is to crash your party and make you and your families cringe with displeasure.

Your unwelcome guest may include Yellow Jackets. They have a nasty disposition, and their stings are extremely painful. Worst yet, they will fight you for your delicious barbecued steak, making outside dining nearly impossible. Now the sugar ants have recently appeared, and they are looking for your fresh baked apple pie, (which won first prize at the county fair). What’s this? Cockroaches are showing up in your guest bathroom….the nightmare has just begun.
Do not let this happen to you or your family as you gather to enjoy your outdoor summer outing. Put the fun back into your festivities- call Merle’s Pest Control today. She will provide you with solutions to make and keep your day special and pest free.

The reality of life is that you can unknowingly bring cockroaches into your home from cardboard boxes you just brought in from the grocery store. They love to lay their eggs in their corrugated layers; even your dry cleaning is suspect. Unbeknownst to you, your favorite cleaners are now infested with cockroaches and these critters have just moved into your clean clothes at their facility…and now they are yours, no extra charge of course!

Where did all those Fruit Flies, you now see in your kitchen, come from? They seemingly appeared out from nowhere! These little flies lay their eggs on fresh fruit and vegetables at your grocery store. Then you bring them home, oops, you did not wash them off, and the warm temperatures in your kitchen accelerate the hatching of the eggs. All of a sudden, they are everywhere…and you are embarrassed and disgusted. Hint: always wash off your fruit and veggies before you put them away. Fruit Fly eggs are very tiny and almost impossible to see. However, washing them thoroughly will remove them and save your day.

What now, moths, tiny moths, multiple dozens in almost every room of the house! Where did they come from? You first hint as to the source was when you opened your pantry. Dozens of Indian Meal Moths flew out from a recent purchase from your local market …how could this possibly happen? Call Merle, she has the answers and solutions.

There is no reason to let these and other unwelcome guests spoil your summer fun. Call Merle at Merle’s Pest Control today. She has the positive answers you need to solve your pest problem(s), and the service you can always depend on that is not only reliable but also safe. How is this possible? When you take into account her knowledge, experience, and having the right tools and equipment, the best information that the newest technology has to offer; your toughest pest loose and you win. All these lead to safe and effective results. Be assured that the answers she offers are practical, effective and they will protect you, your family, your pets and our environment. This is the perfect combination of quality of service; safe and effective treatments. It is the only type of servicing that Merle has to offer. You deserve the best, and she provides it, every time!

When quality service is important, and you need to see results NOW; call Merle TODAY for amazing results you will see tomorrow, (same day service is available in most cases). She will put the joy of summer back in your life.

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