Very Spooky…If not frightening!

Can you imagine going out to your car and finding it covered with spiders…actually, you are better off not imagining it!

During spring through summer spiders provide a beneficial service; they eat other insects such as silverfish, files, wasps, cockroaches as well as many others.

When fall arrives, their survival is dependent upon an immediate change of their nesting environment.

Because October is generally, a month when outside nighttime temperatures begin to drop dramatically, your spider problems inside your home can and often will intensify. Here why; the lowest comfort threshold temperature for spiders is 42 degrees, this applies to other insects as well. At that point, and as the temperature begins to drop, the wax on their outer skeletal shells begins to cool and harden making it difficult for them to move. If they do not find a warmer winter shelter soon they will not be able to move or survive.

However, they have found the perfect solution to their over winter problem- inside your home. Since we all try to keep our homes at springtime temperatures, especially when it is freezing outside we also provide the ideal temperature for them as well. Their instinct for survival is the driving force for them to move inside where they find a safe and comfortable refuge until spring.

Once inside your home they setup housekeeping. There they find ample sources of food (other insects), a source of water, (that is why you will find them in your sink or bathtub), and of course the ideal shelter to protect them from the winter elements.

Spiders are nocturnal; this means they are very active at night. While out scavenging for their next meal, they sometimes end up in your bedroom. Few things are more frightening than waking up in the darkness of night and seeing their beady red eyes staring right at your face. You know they poised and ready to jump.

The formidable challenge for you is not to let them target your home for their winter resort!

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