There is a legend that developed around the 17th century in Europe about a very poor widow that had several young children. She was too poor to buy a tree for Christmas so they went into the woods and cut their own. They took great pains selecting just the right tree, one that was beautiful and perfect.

They trimmed and cleaned it up and placed it in a special area of their home. There was no money for decoration or presents, still, they felt very rich to have such a wonderful tree.

Unbeknownst to them, in the tree lived a family of spiders. They overheard the conversation of the widow and her children about not having any money to decorate the tree and decided to do something very special for them.

After the family had settled down for the night the spiders began to spin the most beautiful, intricate and symmetrical webs. They covered the tree with their best and most elaborate of work. By dawn, as the morning light entered the room the tree was stunning, it glistened and sparkled in a surrealistic fashion.

As expected, the children were the first to arise early Christmas morning. They were stunned at the sight of the wondrous tree. They had never seen such a beautiful tree.

They hurriedly rushed to wake their mother. They all stood and stared in wonderment. It filled them with awe, the incredible sight; the spiders had transformed the tree, it sparkled and glistened in the morning light.

This story makes for an interesting bit of folklore, and indeed, it should, but sometimes reality can be far different.

I was called, in this case to a commercial building, about some spiders in an office Christmas tree. When I arrived there, and after careful examination it was frightful what I found. There was a nest of about a dozens of Black Widow spiders living comfortably in the tree, just inches from where customers would brush by.

Fortunately, the crew that delivered the 10-foot tree the previous day did not receive the unwelcome and very painful bites.

Black Widow spiders can jump 4 feet down and out from an upper level upon prey or human threats. More than likely, since it was quite cold outside, the spiders hovered toward the center of the tree for warmth. However, once inside where it was warm they ventured out to where they were now in plain sight and a threat to employees and customers.

It only took a few minutes to rectify the problem and eliminate the spiders in a safe and effective manner. Disaster was averted that day, only a few employees knew what the real danger was.

So this Christmas, be sure you adequately hose down and clean the tree to remove debris or even live nesting critters. Then you can safely move it into place in your home or office.

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Merle and her staff wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year…and one that is spider free.