The fall season is now upon us. The outside temperatures are beginning to fall. Evening and night temperatures will soon be in the lower 40’s. Moreover, that will trigger all spiders to move into action. That move may be into your home, garage, or pantry environments.

Since spiders have wax on their outer skeletal shell, as the temperatures begin to drop that wax begins to harden. If they do not find winter shelter soon where the temperatures are warmer, they will suddenly find that they are not able to move.

Your home is their perfect winter resort. Here they will stay warm and comfortable through all of winter’s storms. They will be safe and secure until spring. During their stay, they do not remain idle; they are hunters looking for a meal or snack. While their primary source for food consists of other insects, they can bite you, your family or pets while they hunt at night. So now is the time for you to spring into action and not to allow them to make you their fall prey. Call Merle today for a solution that takes the bite from the most severe fall and winter spider problem.

Now is not the time to second-guess a pending spider infestation. Call today for prompt and reliable service that works. Call Us At Merle’s Pest Control 541-915-7581 | Eugene Oregon Pest Control Companywe have the answers and solutions that are safe for you, your family, your pets and our environment.