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Without a doubt, Cockroaches are tough. They can survive the aftermath of a nuclear blast; they can survive in a microwave oven while it is running. Moreover, Roaches are fast, they have a burst speed up to 200 mph.

If you have had the misfortune of dealing with them, you know what a serious problem they are. They contaminate food with the bacteria they carry; one moment they are on the bathroom floor, the next your kitchen countertop food prep areas. They are a major contributor to diseases such as asthma. To make matters worse, they can get into your appliances; even your new computer is at risk.

Without a proper sanitation program, and pest management program, the Cockroaches will take over your world very quickly. They reproduce at an astounding rate, one fertilized female, and they only need to mate once during their life cycle, can in about a year produce one million offspring. Now multiply that by hundreds of females and you have a disaster in the making. All too often, residents assume that their Roach problem is minor. Let me assure you, there is no such thing as a minor Cockroach problem! Even sighting one Cockroach can result in thousands in a very short time.

Most home remedies or over the counter products, in most cases, are of little help. Not because they do not work, but because they are incorrectly applied. The tendency is for most people is to over apply, if a little works than double that should work better, WRONG! Over application will flush and drive them into other and safer areas. You need to remember, they have a strong instinct for survival, which will automatically push them into safer areas. Cockroaches do not think, they simply react to changes to their environment.

Boric Acid works well if properly applied. However, I have been in homes where the resident piles this material in a high parameter, in one case almost 2 inches high. Roaches, if they could, would laugh at this technique, it does not work. The proper application is to use the Boric Acid as a very fine dust, almost to the point where you cannot see it on the surface area. Keep in mind; if you can easily see it, you are using far too much material. As a fine dust, roaches cannot detect is from normal household dust and will walk right through it. Then the dust will get into their system resulting in their demise.
Boric Acid is just one of the materials that is used to aid in the control of a cockroach problem. To win the battle, multiple products must be applied at different and various time. Otherwise, it is an exercise in futility. Control and containment is work, hard work it takes a great deal of planning to win this war.

In a single-family dwelling, it is possible to eliminate this pest. However, in an apartment, it is far more difficult, and in many cases impossible. With an apartment, it is not possible for you to control your neighbor’s environment. If they do not practice good sanitary methods, then the cockroaches will simply travel from their apartment into your through the common plumbing and electrical lines.

The problem is complex enough that it is not advisable that you take on this problem on your own. To optimize the effectiveness of the problem, you will need professional help. You will find that Merle has the right technology, the right materials, the right equipment and treatment methods that even the toughest, fastest and most resilient Cockroach cannot survive. Merle is tougher, smarter and able to adapt the pest control program to keep ahead of the roach’s ability to adjust to various materials.

If you are looking for a safe and effective way to deal with your Cockroach problem, call Merle today for results, you will see tomorrow. Merle will protect you, your family, pets, and our environment while providing you with results you can count on. Merle’s program is so precise, it will not only protect you from Cockroaches, but it will also shield you from more than 92 other household invaders.  Give Merle a call today. In the greater Eugene are at 541-915-7581 or if you live in the greater Salem area call 503-984-4850.