Proceed No Further!

Have you ever reached the point where your pest problem is out of control? If you are reading this website, you probably are at that point.
Here we are entering the fall season…and your ants and spiders are persisting, they just will not go away; no matter how hard you try or whatever over the counter chemicals you use, the pests persist!

We have all been there, fighting the unwinnable battle because the wrong equipment, the wrong chemicals are being used. In addition, you are probably lacking the right technical skills that lead to positive results you desperately need. It is not a matter of intelligence or even persistence; it is simply a matter that you need expert help. You need Merle’s Pest Control. She has the right materials, the right equipment, the right technology and skills to get the job done. It takes years of experience and training to know and truly understand the enemy pest. These acquired skills tell Merle what and where their favorite hiding and nesting places are; what foods or even non-food items they like to consume. In addition, she knows the right materials in the right combination at the right time to use; this is critical in solving any pest problem. Do you have these skills? Let’s be honest, more than likely the answer is… not really.

Trying to solve pest problems yourself without the right skill sets can be an exercise in futility. It also can be very dangerous. You could accidentally and unknowingly expose yourself, your family, your pets and even our environment to some rather dangerous and hazardous chemicals.

When I arrived, I found the customer very frustrated by a persistent problem with Sugar Ants. His wife and kids were away for several days, and he wanted to surprise his wife by solving their persistent ant problem before she returned. However, puzzling, he had placed some white powder all over, and I mean “all over” his kitchen counter tops and along the baseboards earlier that day. By the time I arrived, later that day, there were dead ants everywhere. Getting such positive results, he was not sure he needed any professional help. Curiously, I asked him what the mysterious white powder was. He said he did not know, he found a bag of it in his garage “under some stuff” as he put it, and it had been there for some 30+ years. He stated the label boasted that among other insects, would kill the ants….and sure enough he said the ants simply would touch it and within in seconds they curled up into a ball and died.

He was rather proud of his newfound discovery. (For me the immediate death of the ants sent up a big red flag with skull and crossbones on it.). I asked to see the bag so I could evaluate it contents….ARSENIC, pure agricultural grade arsenic! He had enough on his kitchen alone counter to kill not only the ants but also his family, and for that matter the whole neighborhood,….I advised him to get a medical evaluation, which he did and showed the early stages of arsenic poisoning.

He had to hire a crew that specialized in toxic substance removal to come in and clean up his misguided attempt at ant control. They completely gutted the entire kitchen and disposed of everything, countertops, sinks, cabinets, and refrigerator as well as the stove, even the dishwasher. When the crew was finished, nothing remained but the bare studded walls. The cost was over $25,000 and that was just removing the contamination.

When his wife returned…well that is a story for another day (she was NOT happy)!

Not all do-it-yourself remedies are this extreme, but far too many are. For a solution to your most difficult and persistent pest problem, that is safe and effective, call Merle’s Pest Control today. She has a practical plan that will remedy your pest problem while protecting you, your family, your pets and our environment. The right tools, the right materials, and the right technology with results you can depend on; that is all Merle has to offer.
In the greater Eugene, areas call 541-915-7581 or in the greater Salem, areas call 503-984-4850