Two things all bugs have in common they are fearless and they contaminate our food and environment. However, when Merle shows up they become fearful, very fearful and angry because they know what is about to happen!

First, they are fearless by making it their one goal in life to make our lives as miserable as possible. They invade our homes, contaminate our food and irritate our pets with impunity. They are mean, they are tough, and they are nasty!

The second, they absolutely hate and fear Merle’s Pest Control! Merle takes great pleasure turning their smirk of a smile into one of absolute terror and anger. With Merle on the job not a single pest is safe, not one! That is because Merle is relentless in her program to resolve your pest problem.

Merle has the most effective programs in the industry to rid your home of, among other things, ants, silverfish, spiders, fleas, and roaches. Are you tired of seeing these pests in your home? Then give Merle a call for a quick response and fast resolution to your pest problem.

Now that spring is here and summer is on the way. Among other pest problems; fly season is just beginning. Oh how we all hate flies! They are persistent irritants (check Merle’s last blog, “Interesting Facts About Bugs”) that can live about a month. During their life span, we find them continually dancing on our food trying to lay their eggs. The only effective remedy for their control is good sanitation practices; that is taking out the garbage and seeing that it is properly covered and secured. In most cases, this will dramatically reduce, if not completely stop a fly problem. If it persists, give Merle a call for more helpful and useful suggestions.

Here is one useful tip to help deal with the problem of pesky flies: When using a fly swatter, aim for the back of the fly because they will momentarily fly backwards before proceeding forward. You may not be able to detect this movement with your eye; it actually is part of their instinct for survival. Aiming for the back of the fly will dramatically increase your chances of an effective “splat” rather than a miss.

Regardless of your pest problem, Merle’s Pest Control has the effective solution that is practical and safe for you, your family and our environment. Their treatments are so efficient that it will protect you and your loved ones against more than 92 household invaders. Each program takes into account your specific home and pest problem(s). No guesswork here. They plan the servicing of your home carefully because there are many factors involved to provide a safe treatment that will bring you the results that you deserve.

With Merle’s Pest Control, you will find there is no hype, no pressure, just an effective program that is reliable and complete. They are one pest control company you can always depend on to show up on time. They will always get the job done without leaving your home looking like it was a war zone.

Fast, friendly and effective service is the only winning combination Merle provides. They will always listen to and address all your questions and concerns; they will treat you with the dignity and respect you deserve.

So give Merle a call today for results you will see tomorrow. In Eugene and surrounding areas, call 541-915-7581. In the Salem and surrounding areas, call 503-984-4850.