It was 6:30 PM when the call came into the Poison Control Center. The frantic mother’s voice on the line was to the point of hysteria. It took the doctor a great deal of effort to calm the mother down to where she made sense.

My 2-year-old daughter just ate some live ants came the frantic reply….she is going to die! The doctor calmly assured the mom that the daughter would be fine. He went on to explain that the acids in the stomach would kill the live ants, and her daughter would completely recover without any complications or side effects. She is going to be fine!

The frantic mother on the verge of hysteria then told the doctor; she wanted to be sure the ants would die and not harm her daughter. Using her irrational judgment based on emotion and not facts, she told the doctor she gave her daughter ant poison!

Get your daughter to the ER NOW came the reply from the doctor. (Ant poison at the time contained serious amounts of arsenic.).

While this story is unfortunately true, it is also very tragic. Misinformation, conjecture, and speculation can all too often bring about a wrong conclusion, and sometimes a dangerous conclusion.

That is why it is so very important to have a correct understanding and information about pests and the materials used to control them. Merle’s Pest Control only uses EPA registered materials in your home. They are safe and effective enough that they are registered for use in the most sensitive areas of hospitals. As always, your safety is one of Merle’s main concerns. They have an outstanding record for safety and effectiveness in solving pest problems. Now that is a winning combination.

For the correct information, you can use about pests and the materials used to control them, call Merle’s Pest Control. There you will find safe and effective treatments that you can depend on.

However, in the event of any unfortunate misuse and ingestion of any household chemicals, call the poison control center immediately at 1-800-222-1222. They are there to help.

Other questions about pest control materials and their use call Merle’s Pest Control. Merle provides safe and effective treatments used around you, your family and pets. Their treatments are not only effective but they also protect our environment as well. At Merle’s Pest Control, you will not be subject to unrealistic hype, or rhetoric you cannot understand, just solid and reliable answers to all your questions and concerns. After all, that is what you expect and deserve.

What about the little child that ingested the ant bait? The mother did take her to the ER where the doctors administered the proper treatment. She completely recovered from her unfortunate ordeal with the ant bait.

We all have been there. We have all made stupid choices; let us not make one of them misusing pest control materials. To get the positive and safe results you deserve concerning your pest problem, call Merle’s Pest Control today. In the Eugene and surrounding areas call 541.915.7581 or in Salem and surrounding areas 503.984.4850, for amazing results, you will see tomorrow.