Eugene Pest Control - Ants eating cookies

What is that strange sound? Oh No!

I cannot only hear them now, but I can see them. They are hordes of marching ants heading right for the kitchen. They are obviously about to find my fresh-baked cookies. I have to stop them, and now before it is too late.

Does this sound all too familiar?

I have heard this statement hundreds of times from my customers. You can hear them marching with one goal in mind, the relentless pursuit to get to another family favorite, Mom’s cookies.

You do not need to lose your cookies. I am Merle, and I am here to help you to stop the ants and solve your toughest pest problem. I will do so safely because all the materials I use in your home are safe enough to be used in hospitals, yet are effective enough to solve your toughest ant problem. I can even do the servicing while you are home.

Do not despair, call me, Merle Jackson at Eugene Oregon Pest Control Experts Merle’s Pest Control, and I will once again put a smile on your face while eliminating your sugar ant problem. Protecting you, your family and our environment is my primary goal.

SO CALL ME TODAY at 541.915.7581 to save your cookies.