She was scared and just did not know what to do. Her back and neck had red blotches that began to itch. Since she had just returned from a week in New York, (this state has a severe problem with Bed Bugs), she was terrified that she had brought some home. Her brain went into overdrive; irrational thinking kicked in, she now feared the blood-sucking insects had taken over her home.

Her immediate course of action was to get a pest control company out to her house now! She thought this would definitely put an end to her nightmare.

The pest control technician arrived at 8:00 AM the following morning. He came prepared; he was ready for some serious battle with Bed Bugs. However, his thorough inspection found not a trace of a Bed Bug or a sign of a pest infestation of any kind. Obviously, this was very puzzling to him. So what was causing, what was the source of her serious skin irritation?

The customer became irritated at the fact that he did not find a single Bed Bug or any other pest so she took her shirt off (interesting) and showed him the problem areas on her chest and back. Almost immediately, he recognized the real problem. It was not Bed Bugs, he was almost certain it was the beginning stages of “Shingles”, which has absolutely nothing to do with Bed Bugs.

He advised her to see her doctor, and she did. The technician was right. According to the doctor, she had the early stages of Shingles… pseudo pest problem solved!

The interesting awkwardness of a self-diagnosed pest problem is that in almost every case the reality of what it actually is is far different from the customer’s speculation and perception. Emotional thinking driven by irrational conjecture will usually lead to a wrong conclusion.

It is vitally important to have a clear understanding of any pest problem before the right method of treatment is applied. Misdiagnosed problems and wrong application of materials is a waste of materials, time and money because it will not solve anything. This is why it is important to call Merle’s Pest Control for an accurate and precise identification and evaluation of your pest problem. No technician has a better understanding, the right technology, materials and equipment, to solve your most difficult pest problem.

No guesswork here…no I think…or maybe perhaps….just honest, reliable and straightforward answers. If you do have any concerns or questions Merle will thoughtfully listen to and address them all.

Merle’s Pest Control, with their available monthly service, will always be on guard to protect one of your most valuable assets, your home, against more than 92 household invaders. This includes spiders, silverfish, stinkbugs, fleas, cockroaches, wasps and many others. They do not stand a chance with Merle on the job. She will not only protect your home but your family, your pets, and our environment as well. This is accomplished by skillfully and safely using the latest materials, technology and equipment.

For honest answers, and reliable service call Merle’s Pest Control today and you will see positive results tomorrow, and that will put a smile on your face. In Eugene 541-915-7581 in Salem 503.984-4850