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Interesting Facts About Bugs….

No one likes pests in their home, especially contaminating food on their kitchen counter or in their pantry. Even your pet gets upset when it finds ants in its food or water dish. Merle’s Pest
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Thumbs up, not to worry, Merle is on the Job and she is here to make sure you are safe from Sugar Ants and other household invaders. Ants have been gathering food throughout last spring and
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The “Oh No Zone”

You can just hear the panic in their voices, Oh NO! Merle has put up the “Oh No Zone”! We are in trouble; we need to get out of here NOW! ….While insects do not have
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Roaches: We are tough, We are fast…

We are tough, fast; we are strong and resilient...and you cannot beat us! Without a doubt, Cockroaches are tough. They can survive the aftermath of a nuclear blast; they can survive in a microwave oven while it
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The Christmas Spider

There is a legend that developed around the 17th century in Europe about a very poor widow that had several young children. She was too poor to buy a tree for Christmas so they went into
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Spiders are Creepy!!!!

The fall season is now upon us. The outside temperatures are beginning to fall. Evening and night temperatures will soon be in the lower 40’s. Moreover, that will trigger all spiders to move into action. That
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What??? Are you serious?

What??? Are you serious? Unfortunately, some misconceptions about insects are funny and even bazaar. While others pests are very dangerous and even life threatening. For no-nonsense answers, you can depend on Merle at Merle’s Pest
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What is that strange sound? Oh No! I cannot only hear them now, but I can see them. They are hordes of marching ants heading right for the kitchen. They are obviously about to
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HELP ME! Sugar Ants!

This Is Not A Game You Want To Play!At one time or another, we all have problems with sugar ants. It really is a serious matter. For one moment, ants are in your bathroom, the next
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